It's Not About the Policy Manual.
It’s About People-Focused Leadership.

Assemble is a one stop shop of experts with real HR experience who build trust quickly and create impactful, sustainable growth with Candor, Courage, and Care™.

We bring people-focused leadership development through breakthrough offsites, learning programs, fractional HR, coaching, and people operations.

Leadership is hard, especially when you don’t feel you’re set up for success.

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Do you have a lot on your plate, but not a lot supporting you?

Are you communicating, but not getting what you need from your team and partners?

Are you putting in all that you have, but feel like you’re not getting back the same from others?

Are you looking to build your own leadership style to strengthen yourself and your team?

You should be able to lead with authenticity and confidence.

How We Help You Assemble

Leadership Offsites

Learn to lead with immersive 1-2 day sessions.

DEI: Building Inclusive Workplaces

Change the foundation to incorporate inclusion.

Learning Programs

Tackle those tricky, uncomfortable topics.


Learn to lead as your authentic self.

People Operations

Improve employee experience with our expertise.

Fractional HR

Navigate change with a people-focused advisor.

Compensation Advisement

Attract, retain, and motivate the best.


Network and connect like never before.

Jill has helped our executive team navigate some of the toughest challenges we’ve faced as a young, high-growth company led by first-time founders. The entire Assemble team has quickly become an irreplaceable part of the Burrow team.

We understand how difficult it is to build a business
and build a team.

We’re not your consulting firm, we’re your people.

Assemble is a team of HR experts, catalysts and coaches founded by Jill Katz, a seasoned human capital expert, facilitator, and executive coach with more than 20 years of success.

We have a single mission: to empower leaders to remove obstacles to growth and create people-focused organizations.

In a time of unrelenting change and increasing complexity, we are a one stop shop that helps leaders build muscles to produce seismic, sustainable change that will grow
their companies and their bottom line.

We have deep HR experience in businesses just like yours, so we build trust quickly through honest, innovative, expert insights and growth exercises. Our expertise enables you to unearth, create and navigate your company’s defining moments with Candor, Courage and Care.

Our founder has made the The 101 Global Influencers list, Top 9 People Leaders to learn from, and we consistently have a 100% improvement rate in decision making, trust, and communication with our clients.

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Shift the way you think about communication and feedback with our #CandorCourageAndCare™ feedback model


Being honest, frank, and direct with someone so they can be at their best.


A willingness and a strength to engage in topics and conversations even when you know that they can be hard.


Having conversations in a way that demonstrates genuine concern and empathy and seeing someone else as a human being.

Every professional team can benefit from working with Jill. She is the best of the best at getting to the core of issues and attacking them with #CandorCourageAndCare.

Here's How It Works

We equip you with #CandorCourageAndCare™ so you can stand on your own

Let's Connect

We have a kickoff call to determine what's working and what needs work.

Let's Strategize

We work together to create a customized plan of action.

Let's Start

Gain the skills, confidence, and resources you need to stand on your own for sustained success.

Bring People-Focused Leadership
to the Forefront of the Workplace

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Why work with us?

  • We integrate, customize, and meet you where you are
  • We align and accelerate productivity of leadership teams
  • We fuel growth, create connections, and break barriers
  • We offer safe spaces for people to be authentic
  • We see and say what others may not
  • We know how to build the leaders of the future
  • We make it fun!

We know that you want to be a confident, successful leader. To do that, you need to create a business culture that works for you and your team. The problem is, you may not have the skills and resources you need to confidently lead your team, and that can be frustrating and hold you back.

Assemble believes that leaders should be uniquely trained and supported so they can lead with confidence, authenticity, empathy, and candor.

We understand how difficult it is to keep teams motivated toward common goals. We are a team of seasoned HR and strategy executives with real-life experience in businesses like yours. Our founder has made the 101 Global Influencers list, Top 9 People Leaders to learn from, and we consistently have a 100% improvement rate in decision making, trust, and communication with our clients.

Here’s how it works:
1. We have a kickoff call for the leader to discuss a problem or concern;
2. We determine a plan of action;
3. We work together to devise and implement a customized solution.

You don’t have to accept miscommunications, low engagement, or employee turnover. Contact us today so we can help you identify and attract the best talent, retain your top talent, and grow your business. Breakthrough moments are ahead.

Jill Katz and her amazing team don’t just walk the walk, and they don’t just talk the talk, they take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way ensuring you become not just a better corporate leader, but also a better person. She has used her immense knowledge and know-how to improve our entire workforce.

Assemble helps teams overcome leadership hurdles to create authentic, people-focused business.

Assemble - accelerate growth and productivity

Accelerate growth and productivity

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Increase retention and development of top talent

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Experience confidence and success as a leader