Meet the Team

assemble jill katz headshot

Jill Katz

Founder, Chief CandorCourageAndCare™ Officer

  • My favorite music: Broadway, all the way!
  • My proudest accomplishment: My kids. Every single day. Boy, am I proud.
  • My fave four-legged creature: Callie Magnolia, my Beagle-huahua
  • My zones of genius are: Connecting with people, writing silly jingles, and really cheesy puns
assemble jami delaney headshot

Jami Delaney

Chief Care Officer, People Strategy & Client Experience

  • Unofficial title: The Doctor
  • My retail therapy: Organization tools (pads, bins, labels!) and candles
  • My idea of the perfect day: Organizing a few cabinets, shopping at Target, and then heading to the beach with a gourmet picnic that I prepared with friends and family
  • My favorite part of working at Assemble: The swag! And #itsallaboutrelationships
assemble zamena ladak headshot

Zamena Ladak

Vice President, Head of DEI & Business Development​

  • My go-to exercise: Spinning on my Peloton bike
  • My proudeset accomplishment: being a Hijabi Vice President of a company that is bringing people focused leadership to the forefront of the workplace
  • My favorite part of working at Assemble: The impact we have on our clients
assemble evie suarez headshot

Evie Suarez

Chief of Staff and Talent Strategist

  • Unofficial title: Catch-All
  • An unusual talent I have: I write upside-down
  • Fun fact: I love creative writing, specifically sci-fi and poetry
  • My zones of genius: Strategic problem solving, working with a team to create solutions, anticipating future issues to mitigate risks 
assemble lauren schept headshot

Lauren Schept

Director, Human Resources & Talent Strategy

  • My favorite type of music: Pop
  • My proudest accomplishment: Becoming a mom
  • My fave four-legged creature: My mini Bernedoodle, Quinn
  • My zones of genius: Building relationships, helping people see their full potential, taking ownership for the things that matter most to me, spending time with family and friends, and planning vacations
assemble kelley ogrady headshot

Kelley O'Grady

Director, Talent Strategy

  • My idea of the perfect day: Being somewhere new with my family.
  • My retail therapy: Home decor
  • Fun fact: We are UNC fanatics and love college basketball
  • My favorite part of working at Assemble: Learning from the most talented leaders
assemble deb josephs headshot

Deb Josephs


  • My favorite type of music: Anything but country
  • My retail therapy: Designer handbags
  • My favorite junk food: Chocolate
  • My favorite part of working at Assemble: The great energy from the team
Assemble Alison Headshot

Alison Mulligan

Executive Coach & Talent Strategist

  • My favorite type of music: Anything on vinyl and jazz on Sunday mornings
  • My Retail Therapy is: Typically done from my couch and often involving skincare
  • My Favorite Junk Food is: Cheese fries
  • My Go-To Exercise is: Yoga
assemble priya sodha headshot

Priya Sodha

Learning and Development Facilitator

  • Unofficial title: The Zumba Instructor
  • My favorite music: Soca music, dancehall, reggae, Latin music, and afrobeats!
  • My proudest accomplishment: Quitting a full time job to launch my own business in the pandemic
  • My perfect day: Dancing on the beach on a Caribbean island
assemble kyle elliot headshot

Dr. Kyle Elliott

Executive Coach

  • Unofficial title: #AssembleNetwork Co-Pilot
  • My idea of the perfect day: Spending the day at Disneyland
  • My proudest accomplishment is: Being quoted in The New York Times
  • My zone of genius: Connecting the dots between where you are and where you want to go
assemble jodi remer headshot

Jodi Remer

Manager, Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

  • My proudest accomplishment: My two boys, Brady and Jackson
  • My favorite music: Anything I can belt out my singing with!
  • An unusual talent I have: Holding my sneezes in
  • My favorite part of working at Assemble is: Working alongside such brilliant people
assemble kirsten kalemba headshot

Kirsten Kalemba

Manager, People Operations

  • My go-to exercise Running
  • My proudest accomplishment: Being a mom and being a collegiate scholarship athlete
  • My zones of genius: Investigating and strategic problem solving
  • My favorite part of working at Assemble: Engaging with such amazing, dynamic team members
julia silva headshot

Julia Silva

Exec & Ops Admin

  • Unofficial title: Master of Multitasking
  • My retail therapy: I can’t stop buying throw pillows
  • My go-to exercise: F45!!!
  • My zones of genius: Supporting others. Organization. And soaking up all the vitamin D at the beach… does that count?
assemble rachel wallins headshot

Rachel Wallins

Executive Coach

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assemble maryanne spatola headshot

Maryanne Spatola

Executive Coach

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