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Meet Andre Herring


Andre Herring is an expert in helping the workplace navigate allyship and how to push through unconventional challenges. Challenges like how to respond to social issues, how to address inappropriate statements from a manager, how to equitably conduct a reduction in workforce, or how to reduce bias in performance improvement plans.

Andre believes in leaning on your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses. There is no such thing as being the perfect person. There is only being the best version of you. That is how Andre aids people in navigating challenges. This approach has garnered him much success in the nonprofit and start-up sectors. Andre’s goal is to bridge more honesty and collaboration in the workplace.

Andre is a native of the New York City area and received his Master’s in Diversity & Inclusion Leadership at Tufts University and his Bachelor’s in International Relations at SUNY Geneseo. He resides in Brooklyn, New York where he enjoys comedy shows, park music festivals, and Restaurant Week.