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How I use #Candor: I look at Candor as a learning experience, whether I’m using it or receiving it. I am Candor not to be hurtful, but helpful!

How I use #Courage: Courage to me, is getting out of my introverted comfort zone! Courage to participate, courage to ask for help, courage to have difficult, *candor* conversations šŸ˜‰

How I use #Care: I use and show Care by being observant of others’ needs. By doing, giving, or helping without expecting anything in return.

#whatmattersmost to me: To live intentionally and be fearlessly authentic!

Meet Julia Silva

Exec & Ops Admin

Julia Silva brings over 15 years of experience dedicated to client relationships. Her proactive approach, positive attitude, and can-do mentality have led her to coining her own career motto: ā€œanticipate, acknowledge and actualize.ā€

In her role at Assemble, Julia supports our Founder & Chief Care Officer, she manages calendars, build relationships with our clients, and ensures that daily operations of our business run smoothly.

Prior to Assemble, Julia was the EA to multiple senior executives at a media and advertising company. It was in this role that her passion for helping others expanded. She discovered that by leveraging her ā€œno job is too big or too smallā€ mindset, it would allow her countless opportunities to make an impact. Before she was a successful EA, Julia worked in the start-up world as an interior designer.

When she is not working, Julia enjoys spending time with her loved ones (furry ones included) and staying healthy through various exercise classes and outlets.