Katherine Castro

Meet Katherine Castro

Executive Coach

Katherine Castro is a renowned Executive Coach known for her exceptional ability to inspire courage and transformation in her clients. With a career spanning numerous industries and thousands of professionals, Katherine’s specialty is empowering historically excluded talent within the tech sector. Her unique approach, deeply rooted in a strengths-based philosophy, has earned her a reputation as a beacon of empowerment and change.

As a multicultural certified career coach, Katherine has honed her expertise in guiding individuals who have been historically marginalized. Through her dedicated work, she offers strategic guidance, invaluable emotional support, and collaborative mentorship, crafting personalized career strategies that resonate with each individual’s journey. Her coaching philosophy is centered on the belief that the client is the true leader of their own experience, fostering a profound sense of self, self-advocacy, and an unwavering belief in their own career prowess.

Katherine’s coaching style is marked by creating a brave space where clients are encouraged to explore their thoughts, unpack their concerns, and voice their complexities. This environment of trust and empowerment serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions and transformative growth.

Drawing from diverse counseling techniques, including motivational interviewing, cognitive career theory, and Tinto Planned Happenstance, Katherine tailors her strategies to fit each client’s unique situation, strengths, and temperament. Her holistic approach allows her clients to harness their strengths, seize opportunities with confidence, and navigate challenges with resilience.

With an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Katherine Castro combines this lens to coaching to transcend mere professional development into igniting a journey of self-discovery and empowerment for each individual she works with. Through her expertise, compassion, and dedication, Katherine continues to reshape career narratives and pave the way for historically excluded talent to excel and thrive.