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How I use #Candor: Telling you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.

How I use #Courage: Helping you achieve what you never imagined possible.

How I use #Care: Empowering you to see inside inside yourself, slice through your limiting beliefs, and own your fabulousness.

#whatmattersmost to me: Family.

Meet Kyle Elliott

Executive Coach

Kyle Elliott, Executive Coach, is known for helping top talent get unstuck, own their fabulousness, and achieve what they never imagined was possible. He is an expert at high tech and a trusted confidant to some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Kyle’s Zone of Genius is connecting the dots between where you are and where you want to go. He helps our clients rethink, reimagine, and recreate how they show up at work and live their lives.

Kyle has a single goal when he coaches — to create a space where you can achieve what you never imagined possible. Kyle wants you to believe in yourself as much as he believes in you because are truly fabulous and you deserve to own it. After telling Kyle your biggest goals and dreams, as well as what is holding you back from achieving them, he will help you see inside yourself, slice through your limiting beliefs, and own your fabulousness.

Coaching is Kyle’s craft, his calling, and one of his greatest joys in life. The only thing he loves more than coaching is coffee. And, of course, Disneyland. His coaching philosophy and approach build upon his professional training in behavior change, counseling, and multicultural human relations. He believes that at least 99% of the answers to your questions lie within you. As your coach, his role is to help pull those answers out of you, even when they seem unreachable.

A trusted career expert, Kyle’s words have been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, The Muse, and The Ladders, among dozens of other leading publications. He regularly presents to Fortune 100/500 companies, hyper-growth startups, and universities on professional development, personal branding, and mental health in the workplace.

Deeply committed to the art of coaching, Kyle is an official member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council, a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance, and a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). He also serves as a Stability Leader with The Stability Network, a growing movement of people in the workforce speaking out about their mental health challenges to inspire others. He is a proud alum of San Francisco State University as well as the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance. An ardent learner, Kyle is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education.

And finally, while Kyle has received national and international recognition and awards for his work, he is most proud of being dubbed ‘Mr. Loquacious’ by his fifth-grade teacher.