Nicole Beaudin

Meet Nicole Beaudin

Executive Coach

Nicole Beaudin seamlessly weaves her 15+ years of leadership and business experience from corporate retail with her coaching tools and spiritual tools from reiki certification to create a coaching experience anchored on her clients vision. This map empowers each client to tune into the choices that are best for them and their business with consistency everyday.

She’s seen and experienced firsthand how leaders at every level of an organization can impact the financial and cultural health of that organization, positively or negatively. Her own experience in a fast-paced founder-led startup environment taught her that simple daily habits like meditation and journaling were critical to her showing up as her best in her leadership role no matter what was thrown her way. She has a knack for providing executive functioning feedback whether it’s managing politics, solidifying boundaries, focusing business powerpoints, organizing to-do’s, shifting out of people-pleasing and into rooted empowerment in all communication, or just delegating more. She’ll also guide you through breathwork exercises and brief meditations to reset your nervous system and gain clarity.

She believes that work should be challenging, yet fun as that joy emanates out into the world. That trust is built through candor, courage, & care, and without it no organization thrives. That each person should feel empowered and nurtured with tools to conquer all the ups and downs.

What she loved most about her merchandising career was its beautiful blend of art and science, and as a coach she now guides clients to blend logic with heart. She knows more facts and scientific studies about why things like meditation, vision exercises, and mindset reframes work and is completely fascinated by the power of the subconscious mind.

Coaching executive leadership is her zone of genius and she loves seeing her clients AH-HA moments and then hearing from them later how they continue to use the tools she provides to live their best life.

After she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan she set sail to start her retail career at Williams-Sonoma Corporate. She worked her way up through West Elm, then on to elevating Lands’ End Home. From there she pivoted to Tory Burch where she brought her knowledge of e-commerce and guiding light of Chuck Williams customer and product quality philosophy. She’s certified in multiple coaching models and techniques through Nancy Levin Life Coach Academy.

She lives in Illinois with her boyfriend, Matt, and Golden Retriever, Kai. When she’s not coaching she’s nurturing her side project, a regenerative food business, that plans to bring her parents spicy tomato juice recipe to the masses. She also loves home improvement projects, creating her own meditations, using her coaching tools to help clients purge and organize their homes, and gardening.