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How I use #Candor: I value honesty. To me, candor is essential to building authentic relationships!

How I use #Courage: I use courage to help others become better versions of themselves, even when it is challenging, knowing that having a tough conversation will help someone else grow is important to me.

How I use #Care: I use care with empathy. I use care to show that I value & respect each persons diversities and experiences.

#whatmattersmost to me: Inspiring others to tap into their inner potential & live a life that connects with their why.

Meet Priya Sodha

Learning and Development Facilitator

“Seeing the lightbulb go off” is what drives Priya Sodha, who has been facilitating transformational workshops and trainings for organizations for over 10 years. She specializes in leadership development, communication, diversity, equity and inclusion, and people-focused leadership; and is passionate about this work because she truly believes everyone can tap into their inner potential. Priya has served in several coaching and facilitation roles, including BetterUp, where she served as a lead DEI Coaching Circle Facilitator for Fortune 500 companies & their employees.

Prior to corporate training, Priya earned her Masters in Organizational Change Management at The New School, in New York City, where she specialized in training & development, specifically for nonprofit organizations. Her work has led her to serving as an Executive Director for the Youth Business Alliance where she launched career development workshops to over 250 youth in Southern California.

In addition to her Masters, Priya is a Certified Professional Group Coach and holds a certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Muma College of Business. She is also an active #IamRemarkable Facilitator, a Google initiative where she speaks on the topic of self-promotion in the workplace.

Priya currently lives in Southern California with her husband and best friend (Ziggy, her 10 lb poodle). Fun fact: She had a Pandemic Virtual Zoom wedding in her backyard in 2020! When Priya is not delivering trainings or coaching, you can find her teaching Zumba/Yoga or volunteering at local organizations where she guides youth on how to own their stories. One of her bucket list items is to travel the world & volunteer through dance.