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Meet Sara Haefeli


Sara Haefeli is a multifaceted coach. Her coaching journey started coaching youth softball out of college and quickly transitioned to a collegiate coaching role with the Penn State softball team. It was there Sara dove deeper in to their leadership journey. They pursued their master’s degree in leadership while at Penn State University, specifically on leadership in athletic coaching. When the pandemic threw it’s black veil over our lives, coaching at PSU ended but was able to continue in the online space. Sara brought the same enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration to online business owners that they did to athletes.

Sara’s coaching style is passionate, empathetic, honest, trauma-informed, and appreciates a good laugh. They aim to create a space where others can access safety, feeling comfortable to share the vulnerable bits that can lead to monumental shifts. It’s their strong belief that people’s intersectional identities influence all aspects of thier personal and professional lives. Because of this, Sara and her partner created a trauma-informed leadership framework, called The Leadership Designs, that infuses people’s lived experience into it’s application.

Sara is a fierce leader who cares deeply about helping people feel valued and supported. They are also a fierce competitor (sports/exercise), an amature chef, a kitchen comedian, TV connoisseur, avid reader, and loving mother and spouse.