This is not your average workshop.
(We don't even use the word.)

Our Leadership Offsites are 1- or 2-day immersive, customized team sessions that build skills and accelerate relationships so that teams can strengthen trust and align on goals to drive the business.

Assemble your portfolio of leadership skills

Align your team

Accelerate through challenges together

Learn more about our customized 1 and 2 day offsite programs (in person or virtual):

Executive Team Strengths Discovery Session

Effective Communication for Team Success

Having the Hard Conversations: Managing Conflict

Ready, Set, Change: Navigating in an Ever-Changing Workplace

Mission & Values

Leadership Skills for Change: The Importance of Communication & Empathy

Building Belonging

Team Identity: Bringing Teams Together

Staying on Track: What's Working & What Needs Work

Engage, Energize, Connect

Unlocking The Power of Feedback with #CandorCourageAndCareTM

The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Assemble Your Confidence

We recommend 2-3 leadership offsites per year with 1:1 coaching for leaders along the way. Teams may follow the Assemble path or assemble a custom journey from our menu based on topics that are critical to the team. Every program is customizable.

Leaders need to engage in tough conversations. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Trust us, we’ve heard it all.

Too many conversations happen outside the room that need to happen face-to-face. Our expert facilitators help teams engage with the hard stuff. That’s how leaders solve, build, and move forward with success.

Our virtual and in-person Leadership Offsites are a mix of skill building, facilitated group dialogue, breakout conversations, and interactive exercises that offer teams the opportunity to accelerate relationship-building, share honest feedback, and focus on delivering outstanding business results.

Be equipped for the tough stuff.

Assemble's Leadership Offsites help you handle difficult conversations
so your business can stay focused on its goals.

Assemble offsites - develop trust

Develop trust, authentic relationships, and leadership skills

Assemble offsites - maximize strengths

Maximize individual strengths within a team to make your business stronger

Assemble offsites - build teams

Build teams that collaborate to accomplish goals and exceed expectations

Conflict, challenge, and change within your team are all inevitable.
Open conversations are a choice.

Conflict is natural and a good thing. Challenges help us grow. Change is the one thing we can count in a dynamic business environment. When we don’t learn to engage our teams with Candor, Courage, and Care™, it impacts employees’ productivity and engagement, customer satisfaction and the bottom line of the business.  

Learn how to proactively engage in these tough situations and resolve them so your team and your business stays on track.

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The Path to Fearless Leadership

Let's Connect

We have a kickoff call to determine what's working and what needs work.

Let's Strategize

We work together to create a customized plan of action.

Let's Start

Gain the skills, confidence, and resources you need to stand on your own for sustained success.