Unlocking The Power Of Feedback With #CandorCourageAndCareTM

Feedback. It is something we know we need, most managers try to deliver, and yet,
almost every employee will say they wish they were getting more. 

What is it that holds us back from openly sharing and receiving feedback in the
workplace? How can we break down those barriers and create true cultures of honest

In this well-known, highly interactive program, participants learn how building a culture of #CandorCourageAndCareTM can shift the way people think about and share feedback more openly and effectively with one another. Suddenly, a word that used to be scary – “Feedback” – can be part of the way people interact on the regular.

This 5-hour program includes the business case for feedback, overview of the 3Cs
model, FAST feedback, FAST feedback examples, and a robust facilitated dialogue with breakout discussions. During the working session, executives discuss barriers and strategies for building a culture of #CandorCourageAndCareTM at your company. 

The exec level session includes a PDF learning guide for use in the program and
takeaway tips. 

This program can be offered virtually, via Zoom, or in live, in person.

This program is also available in a 90-minute All-Hands version for a large audience so that the key lessons can be cascaded to a full organization following the executive