Engage, Energize, Connect

Bringing teams together to build the future with excitement.

This offsite is built to bring teams together, inspire relationship-building and accelerate connection. It offers energizing learning opportunities as well as deep discussions and planning exercises. At the end of this one-day session, teams will feel empowered and motivated to succeed for the future and the next chapter.


We start this program with an active energizer to introduce and connect members of the team. We help the group focus on the people behind each role, getting deeper into what makes each person unique.

Next, we dive into the key differences between a “group” and a “team” and help participants understand the importance of working as a team. Exercises call for both individual reflection and breakout discussions.

Throughout the offsite day, each team member has the opportunity to interact with all other participants in the room. This offsite can be customized to include Company Mission & Values as well as conversations about Challenges & Wins. The participants are lead through engaging discussions about where they have been, what they have gained, and where they are headed. 

The group leaves with a vision of what comes next and how they will achieve their goals as a team. Most importantly, the group of individuals finish the day re-energized and prepared to return to their roles as a united team.

Assemble programs are always packed with tons of interaction, breakouts, and fun, while pushing participants out of the comfort zone in an environment of safety and support.