Executive Team Strengths Discovery Session

Winning teams understand and maximize the natural talents of each individual on the team. The Executive Strengths Discovery Session creates transparent dialogue and offers teams the opportunity to accelerate relationship-building, performance, and open communication.

In this first offsite of our Acceleration & Alignment series, we help teams:

  • create the foundation for stronger relationships, mutual appreciation, and more effective communication
  • establish a new common language and understanding of team members’ natural talents


Prior to the group offsite, each executive will take the Gallup Strengths Assessment, receive custom results, and participate in a private coaching/strategy session with a certified Strengths Coach.


Part 1 of the offsite provides the executive team with an opportunity to learn more about each individual through the lens of Strengths. We will explore the “balconies and basements” of the talents that are natural to each of us and talk about how individual filters impact communication, decisions, and perspective of issues within the team and the business.

In the second half of the day, we will look at the team as a whole and appreciate how the dynamics of the group impact the organization, the culture and the business. We’ll ask some hard questions and engage in facilitated open dialogue to help the team push through topics that are hard to discuss, but critical to the success of the business.  Participants leave the Strengths Discovery session feeling renewed, connected, and aware of better ways to connect and communicate.  It’s a powerful start to aligning a team for success.

This offsite can also be offered in a more comprehensive 2-day version.