Having the Hard Conversations: Managing Conflict

Healthy conflict is 100% natural and helps move teams forward. How we manage the conflict is what matters.

Learn about natural conflict, the attributes of conflict situations, the modes of conflict management, and tips on how to most effectively engage in productive conflict at work.

This offsite program includes the world’s best-selling conflict management tool that is backed by science: The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. During this program, executives learn about the 5 modes of conflict and how each can be used most effectively. We will explore 8 attributes of conflict situations and how to most strategically select an approach for solution-driven interactions. We then look at default conflict styles and discuss the way in which the team naturally communicates when there are different perspectives, inconsistencies, and even tensions. In a facilitated mix of learning and discussion, this offsite provides the team an opportunity to ask for what is needed and better manage for success. We practice with active conflict in this session, and participants leave recognizing that conflict can be productive, innovative, and useful when managed effectively.