Leadership Skills for Change: The Importance of Communication & Empathy

In an environment where we have all been impacted by a global pandemic, social injustice, and constant change both inside the organization and our personal lives, the role of a leader is truly put to the test and redefined.

As leaders, people look to us for compassion, vision, hope, and stability. But where do leaders look in these moments, and how can we stay strong, focused, and productive during constant and continuous challenges? In this intimate virtual session, we discuss how to effectively communicate, empathize, and help others navigate during difficult times.

In this 2-part session, we will engage in a facilitated open forum about the significant impact of this time period and the changes that each person has experienced. Then, participants will learn about the difference between change and transition, the 3 stages of transition, and leave the session with specific tactics on how to lead others through times of crisis. Leaders leave the session with closer connections and tools on how to guide others through ever-changing times with empathy and continuous communication.