Mission & Values

Employees feel a sense of connection and belonging when they understand how they contribute to the mission and values of an organization.  A company’s mission and values help create a sense of purpose, drive engagement, and fuel ownership of results.

In this engaging leadership offsite, participants learn the ingredients and actively participate in creating powerful and effective Mission & Values Statements. 

Prior to the offsite, Assemble will gather insights and data from the organization through live 1:1 stakeholder interviews and an online survey. 

Day 1 of this live offsite focuses on the creation and development of a Mission Statement, which defines the “why” of an organization.  Day 2 is about creating Company Values, or the “how”, that support the Mission.  

Over the course of the two days, the group engages in a process that begins with understanding current state, and then creating statements to define the purpose and core beliefs of the aspirational organizational culture.

Team members engage in deep discussions, team activities, and group decision-making in order to land on results that resonate for everyone.  At the close of the offsite, the team leaves with Mission and Values that can be cascaded throughout the organization.