Ready, Set, Change: Navigating in an Ever-Changing Workplace

One of the key characteristics of the modern workplace is the rapid rate of change.

However, each of us experiences change differently, and there is a style that helps to describe each of our preferences.  When teams take the time to understand each person’s unique response to change, they can build trust and collaborate more productively.  The results are a team that can be more agile when it’s needed most.


Prior to the team offsite, each executive is assessed by completing the online Change Style Indicator (CSI), which takes between 15-20 minutes..  During the live session, participants each receive custom results.


We start this program with a discussion about change itself and how relentless it has been for the past few years.  It’s really astounding when we stop to think about all the changes; and how they have impacted the way we act, think, make decisions, and interact . 


Next, executives learn about the three most common change styles and how each plays an important role when navigating change.  We share back results of the CSI assessments and provide participants with guided learning to understand the reports.  Team members have an opportunity to share reactions to their own results, the results of their colleagues, and dig deeper into better understanding of one another.

We facilitate a mix of learning and discussion, then provide the executive team an opportunity to learn about the value (and misperceptions) that follow each change style.  We then introduce the Assemble Blueprint for Change and offer an opportunity to workshop a real-life topic for the team.


Participants leave with a new language around change and a better understanding of how to work together as they navigate new, inevitable, challenges.