Team Identity: Bringing Teams Together

Change is now our new normal. It’s both challenging and exciting. To successfully manage through change, we need to practice agility, empathy, and maintain strong relationships with colleagues.

We also need to create inclusive teams with clear identities so that members feel a sense of connection and belonging.

This offsite is built for teams at all stages. It brings new teams together to spark relationship building, and helps existing teams reboot connections in demanding environments. Through a mix of learning and interactive exercises, this offsite helps teams understand the individuals that make up the whole and codify the ways in which teams choose to work together in the future.

At the end of this one-day session, teams feel bonded and empowered; and they feel individually connected to the identity of the team that they’ve created and defined together.


We start this program with an active energizer to introduce and (re)connect members of the team. In this exercise, we focus on the people behind each role, getting deeper into what makes each person unique.

Next, we dive into the key differences between a “group” and a “team”, highlighting the importance of working as a team.

Throughout the offsite day, each team member interacts with all other participants in the room as they engage in discussions about their personal contributions and what is important to the collective team in achieving their goals. Exercises call for both individual reflection and breakout activities.

We use The Assemble Team Identity Framework to name specific success behaviors for the team. We then create identity statements that define how the team will interact going forward in order to function at their best as often as possible. By working on this framework together, the team owns the identity work from here and takes it forward with success.

In the final block of the day, the team breaks out into discussion groups to benchmark the way the group is working today against the identity statement that has been built for tomorrow. The team discusses what they will start, stop and continue in order to live and model their identity statement as they go forward.

Most importantly, the group of individuals finish the day re-energized and prepared to return to their roles as a united team. The day is fun, active, and highly productive!