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One-hour live virtual programs packed with great tips, tools & fun!

Healthy conflict is 100% natural and is an inevitable part of human interaction. When handled effectively, it can lead to stronger relationships and increased productivity. In this one-hour session, participants will explore the benefits of healthy conflict along with tips & strategies to achieve effective conflict resolution.

Coaching is a critical development tool. Learn how to coach your team to grow their capaibility and problem-solving skills.  In this one-hour session, we will learn how to establish a coaching mindset, introduce the GROW coaching model, and practice real-live coaching conversations. Leave with tools and skills that you can use right away as a more effective coach!

Making decisions can be one of the hardest things for teams to do effectively and efficiently. In this one-hour interactive workshop, we will uncover what gets in the way and the science behind human decision making. Participants will have an opportunity to bring their decision making challenges to the table and learn a simple method to help make decisions with confidence.

One-on-ones are critical to effective leadership. They drive connection, trust, and accountability. As relationships grow stronger, job performance follows. In this one-hour program, we will talk about the importance of 1:1s, introduce the CAMPS model that describes our human brain cravings, practice powerful open-ended questions, and get you prepared for your next 1:1 meeting. Don’t miss this important session for all people managers!

Unlock the secrets to productive and efficient meetings with our one hour program on effective meeting strategies. Dive into proven techniques for maximizing participation, fostering collaboration, and achieving tangible outcomes. Whether you’re leading a team, managing projects, or facilitating discussions, this program equips you with the skills to transform meetings into dynamic sessions that drive results.

Ready to hire top talent? It’s important to know how to conduct an effective interview. This session helps hiring leaders be prepared and effective for the key components of the interview process. In this one-hour session, we’ll talk about the optimal flow of the conversation, the different types of questions to ask an interviewee, and how to recognize effective candidate responses. Learn how and when to probe more, and how to be the best interviewer you can be!

Leaders will understand how fostering an environment of trust and open communication enhances team collaboration, innovation and overall performance. Participants will be equipped with practical strategies and tools to cultivate psychological safety on their teams.

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