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Communication Bootcamp
In this workshop, we learn the definition of communication in many forms, and then take a short assessment to learn our own communication style.  In groups, we then teach one another about our styles, and how we can better interact with greater knowledge of one another as people.  We focus on the critical skills for top notch communication across all styles and give everyone a chance to learn and practice.  This class can be done with intact teams or groups of individuals.  When done in intact teams, we also facilitate meaningful team examples using the material.  Come learn to be a better communicator!

Coaching 101
What's the difference between managing and coaching?  Learn about it in this workshop!  Coaching is all about asking great, open-ended questions and helping to maximize the performance of another person.  In this workshop, we share an easy-to-remember coaching model, we demo, we practice, and each person leaves with new skills that she can put to work tomorrow!

Decision Making
One of the biggest issues on teams today is how we make (or struggle to make) decisions!  In this course, we learn why it can be hard for teams to make decisions, and then we learn about our own personal decision-making styles.  In groups, we teach one another what each style needs in order to be successful, and how each decision-making style adds value to the process.  This workshop can be done with intact teams or groups of individuals.  When done in intact teams, we also facilitate meaningful team examples using the material.

Feedback with #CandorCourageAndCare
Feedback. It’s something we all know we need, most managers try to deliver, and yet, almost every employee will tell you s/he wishes she was getting more. What is it that holds us back from openly sharing and receiving feedback in the workplace? How can we break down those barriers and create true cultures of honest feedback? Join Jill Katz as she shares her well-known “3C’s” and how building a culture of #CandorCourageAndCare can shift the way people think about feedback and communicate with one another. In this interactive workshop, prepare to laugh, think, work together, and share – that’s what feedback is all about!

Management 101 for New Managers
Congrats, you're a new manager!  Now, what?  In this funny and engaging "crash course", we give you the "Cliff's Notes" version of the basics!  What are the key qualities of a good leader, and what is your personal leadership style?  What are the key differences between managing and coaching, and what are the basic skills to employ for both?  How does the manager impact Employee Experience, and why is that important in today's workplace?  Learn that here and get started on the right foot!

Motivation for Engagement

This workshop focuses on the true definition of employee engagement and its connection to motivation.  In this interactive workshop, we learn about the common myths of motivation, how to better understand the engagement levels on our teams, and how managers can tap into the individual motivators for each person on the team.  This workshop gets participants out of our seats, moving around, interacting, and sharing what matters most with our team members and fellow learners.